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HAYA LABS is set in 2011 and now is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality dietary supplements for health, wellness and sport. The company's headquarters are established in USA, and recently opened an office in London, United Kingdom for representation and distribution in Europe. The products complies with all regulations in nutrition industry in EU.
"We develop products which not only support sports goals and health but are manufactured with the best healthy raw materials. Our supplements are suitable for athletes of all levels, as well as for all people striving for a better and healthier way of life. We only work with the top-notch experts and we never compromise with the technological processes. And we are passionate to give you the healthiest and safest supplements for all your needs. That's why our company invests in many researches and uses the newest and innovative technologies of production."
Haya Labs Management Team
Haya Labs LLC.,
1120 20th Street NW, South Tower Suite S-300, Washington, D.C. 20036, USA
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Haya Labs set of rules is simple and obvious: we always put our clients’ interests first. We are firmly convinced that this is the most successful strategy for any kind of business. Haya Labs is different from other wellness and health care companies because we take our responsibilities at heart. To put it in other words – we care. Haya Labs management team and employees share one common belief and it is that you only are going to reach the top if you appreciate every single step towards the end goal. We are just as personally invested in our mission as we were from the very beginning. Our endless passion and dedication are easily explained with the close connection we maintain with the most important people according to Haya Labs philosophy – the clients.

The old saying – “The customer is always right” in our language means: the customer always deserves the best, only the best and nothing, but the best. If a certain product doesn’t meet our criteria for 100% quality, we postpone its release on the market until it is completely ready to represent the Haya Labs brand. We are well aware that in such a competitive environment, a single mistake can have severe consequences. Haya Labs management team knows that the best advertisement for any company will always be the public opinion about its products’ quality. Our team of specialists puts enormous effort in creating and manufacturing the purest and safest supplements for you.

Over the years Haya Labs has maintained spotless reputation which is a result of hard work, discipline and focus. We closely follow every new trend that makes an appearance in the wellness and sport’s supplement industry and thoroughly explore its potential. At the same time we seek inspiration for our products from medicinal practices gathered from different cultures around the world. Even a short and simple Haya Labs review reveals without a question that our intention is to combine tradition with innovation and apply this knowledge with precision. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards for quality because they embody our vision for what the wellness and supplement industry should strive towards. Our hope is that Haya Labs products will inspire our customers to purchase only what they deserve – the best.


We encourage you to become part of our online community! One of our goals is to bring like-minded people together. We know that our customers share a strong passion for leading a healthy lifestyle. We know that those who trust our products do not compromise with their needs and prefer to do an extensive research before making a final decision. We are also aware that many of our clients are vegans and vegetarians, so this is yet another reason to look for new friends and connect with people who share the same views as you.

Many of Haya Labs customers are parents who wish to provide only natural and pure quality products for their children and learned about our brand through the internet. If you happen to be a mother or a father searching through the wide web for the most effective and safest supplement for your kid – check out the comment section and see if you can benefit from the experience of other families.

Very many people end up on our website while looking for a solution for a specific problem. One of the most painful aspects about going through a difficult time is the feeling that you are alone, especially when it comes to health concerns. Haya Labs offers an open platform for people to share their stories and express support for others in a similar situation. Choose the best product for yourself and if you have the need to connect – write about your hopes and fears in the comment section, we appreciate your bravery!

Many of our customers are people, involved in the field of professional sport or just have a passion for physical activity and wish to evolve and push their limits. Join our enthusiastic online community and learn about exciting new natural products that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Take the opportunity to communicate with people who can have an answer for your questions or who may benefit from your advice!

Whether you are scrolling through our website because of a particular issue or you just enjoy sports and want to enhance your performance, you can undoubtedly benefit from connecting with other people. Leave an honest review about your experience with our products and take the opportunity to read about other people’s first Haya Labs impressions. Don’t be afraid to express any form of criticism – it is what makes us learn and grow. We try to provide as much information as possible about each product, but at the end of the day it is YOU and your opinion what matters the most.

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